The Ultimate Course to Turn Visitors to Your Clients

“How can I get more guide bookings?"

This question is simple but answering it might be a challenge.

A customer will decide if they like you as their guide based on your profile page. Catchy profiles, tours, and blogs can help you boost the number of bookings!

This course is a collection of videos published online for an annual Guide Salon held by Triplelights in 2020. A head of digital marketing in Traverience discusses the topics of personal branding for guides and the steps to success for turning visitors to customers. You can learn the tips for personal branding and how to make your pages more attractive.

  • The ways to boost your guide bookings by creating attractive pages
    • The Importance of Your Profile Page
    • Elements of a Good Profile Page
    • Elements of a Good Tour Page, Example Tour, Importance of Tour Pictures
    • The Power of Blogs



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